Graduate in Fine Arts in Salamanca Univertsity,Spain and with PHD in Fine Arts in Valencia University


2021.          Exhibition collective proyect "Sinergias " in Casa de "Casa de los Hevia" Villaviciosa

                   Exhibition collective proyect " Magma and Metal" Backyard Art Gallery in Simancas. 

2020          Working in solo exhibition Eurostar Hotel, Madrid

2019          Exhibition Contemporary art fair Paris with Van Gogh Art Gallery in Paris, and Madrid. 

                   Collective exhibition in Gallery Abartium , Vic, Barcelona, Spain.

                   Entreculturas Collective exhibition in Zorrilla  Theater , Valladolid, Spain.

                   Collective exhibition in Montepedroso space , Rueda,Valladolid, Spain.

2018         . Working in  ·Atlantico" Exhibition to do in Lisbon ,

                   Collective exhibition center of equality of Castilla y León , Spain 

                 . Edited book of engravings inspired by kafka


                 . Sculptures commissioned by archbishopric in Valladolid, Spain.  


                 . Jury qualifer of the VI biennial international etching etching conducted by the Provincial Council


.2017       . Collective exhibition, La Vidriera Gallery  Camargo, Santander,Spain.



2016        . VI Bienal of International  Etching Group Aguafuerte, Pimentel    Space, Valladolid, Spain. 

               . Solo exhibition  Broadway  Art space , Valladolid, Spain.

               . Collective exhibition Broadway space with Aguafuerte Group, Valladolid, Spain.

               . Collective exhibition in Montepedroso space , Rueda,Valladolid, Spain.


 2015      . Collective exhibition in LACAN art space, Valladolid, Spain.

 2012      . Transgressive and revolutionary women's conferences. The women in the art

                 Collaboration in the publication of the book directed by Concha Porras.

                 "Women transgressive and revolutionary".

 2011      . Collective exhibition in Dilab art gallery in Urueña, Spain.

               . Project exhibition, Grupo Simancas, Modern art Museum, Patio Herreriano. Spain.

2009      . Exhibition in Cultural Centre in Aviles, Spain.


2008      . Individual exhibition, Learning Centre, Saint Pauls, Bristol, UK.


2007      . Individual exhibition, Learning Centre, Saint Pauls, Bristol, UK.​

               . Director of Creative Soul, Cultural  artistic Centre, Bristol, Uk.

               . Project director Introducing painting to ethnic minorities with the Financial support of St Agnes

               . Adventure Playgraund & Park. Bristol City Council's "BIG TIME" program, Bristol, Uk.


2006      . Collective exhibition . Learning Centre Saint Pauls, Bristol, UK.

               . Bib Boost grant for the development of the personal project of  the Integration of  

                 women  from  ethnic minorities into society through the painting. Bristol, UK.

               . St Agnes Adventure Playgraund & Park Grant for continuation Of the project of integration of ethnic 

                 minorities in society  through the painting. Bristol, Uk, 

               . Project Director "Introducing Painting to Ethnic Minorities Bristol, UK.

               . Director of Creative Soul, Cultural  artistic Centre, Bristol, 

2005      . Collective exhibition, Spy Glass gallery , Bristol.

               . Selected for Young Artists Context to perform an individual.

                 Exhibition at Casa de Cultura, Aviles. City Council, Spain.

               . Collective exhibition, University Politecnica of Fine Art, Valencia, Spain.

 2004     . Individual exhibition, Sala Fragil Gallery, Lisbon, 

               . Member of the project "Arte Para Mais Oeiras Council, Portugal, 2004.

 2003     . Exhibition at Mac Gallery, Lisbon, Portugal.

               . Exhibition at Oikos Gallery, Lisbon, Portugal.

               . Individual exhibition  in Castello de San Jorge, Lisbon, Portugal.

               . Van Dyke Price of Painting and exhibition, Salamanca, Spain.

               . Selected by Castilla y Leon County Council for the touring  exhibition of young artist   

                 "Arte   Joven”, Salamanca, Spain.

 2002     . School of Art, joint exhibition, Naples, Italy.